Welcome Hill Studios

Welcome Hill offers creative women a beautiful, nurturing place in the woods to gather their thoughts and inspiration - it will always remain a tribute to Ann Stokes' generous spirit and her constant striving for a better world.


Guest house


Situated on the outskirts of WHS, its’ beautiful angles were constructed around an existing stone lean-to. East facing windows provide ample light for the living room area and bedroom. West facing windows line an open studio space, which also benefits from 6 substantial overhead lamps. The studio area is 17x13 and has a slop sink off to the side. A 14x12 deck adjoins, with paths heading off to the sculpture garden, upper meadow, and down into the woods. The Lean-To is heated primarily by a wood stove; with the support of a propane stove. Water conservation is strongly encouraged in this studio; residents may take hand-held showers in the copper tub. Despite these rustic characteristics, the Lean-To provides ample work space for visual artists, composers, dancers, and writers. A series of narrow, curved stairs connect four separate levels: a fully equipped kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, and studio, so decent footing is important! (and the physical ability to haul wood for those on an extended stay). Some residents prefer the Lean-To for its privacy and its low-carbon footprint.

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The Guesthouse is centrally located on WHS. Above a garage, it has an open floor plan. An easel, folding table, work desk, and a white pinboard wall (8x11) make it a fine working space for visual artists. Furniture can easily be rearranged to create a 21x13 floor space for movement artists. Writers, particularly, have gravitated to this space with an antique desk, cozy chairs, a quiet environment. The Guesthouse includes a substantial kitchen, bed, enclosed bathroom with Japanese-style soaking tub with a hand-held shower, and is heated by an oil furnace. It is accessible via a staircase up to a small deck with atrium doors. Some residents prefer the Guesthouse because it is on one level, is low maintenance, and has a bath/shower on site. The architectural style and lofted ceilings promote serenity and is also just a moments walk from the meadow and trails.


open floor work space

kitchen area

multi-purpose white board wall


spiral staircase up to guesthouse

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